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Bitcoin Games

1Golden CowsInvestment Game - Buy cows that will produce milk. Sell the milk for Gold. Redeem Gold for BTC or reinvest in more Cows to produce even more milk. When register you will get a green cow as a gift! Get 30% bonus gold for your first investment.
2Satoshi MinesBitcoin Minesweeper - Satoshi Mines is a game of chance played on a 5x5 minefield grid. The object of the game is to oncover as many green tiles as you can without uncovering any red mines. You win an increasing reward for each green tile you uncover.
3Satoshi-KaroshiMinesweeper, Roulette, Scratch Tickets, InBetween - 4 Games hosted here for your enjoyment, play with either BTC or LTC.